My riding journey….running for the hydration my soul and the packs or gear you will need to do the same


Awesome off road trail or was it?

So my friend found this awesome off-road trail, it took a while to climb but it was well worth the ride. Well it was a first. I ended up having to repair my bike on the way down as I ran over something, I don’t know what it was, but I was not going to let it ruin my trip. I would not recommend this to intermediate riders, but for other riding and running trails be sure to check out the blog

They have some good places for running/biking trails. Right, so this obviously wasn’t one of their nice running trails, and we did end up stranded for several hours. I was like trying to fix my spoke; I carry a few extra small repair things in my Ultralight outdoor running water hydration pack, as it has a pocket. But fixing a spoke is never good news, so I ended walking back to the car…wasted trip. I was so pissed off, we drove like 6 hrs. to get to this trail and now my bike was done for. Too bad I couldn’t fit a spare bike in that running hydration pack. I did have a spare back at the car, but it was getting too dark, and there is nothing worst that riding down a mountain in THE DARK!!!

Check out this trail…

Bike Hard

Bike Hard

BA-zillion miles per hour down a mountain


So if you haven’t heard (see above…) I love extreme biking. There is nothing better, nothing more exciting, and nothing more breathtaking than riding a BA-zillion miles per hour down a mountain. So check out the video below to get an idea of how much fun biking can be.

So now that you have an idea, you excited? You want to go for it? I know…but first you’ll need good training. So how do you train? I started off running and couple of miles a day and then riding a couple. It took a while to get started and I had an issue with hydration. So for anyone starting out I would recommend the HydraQuiver ultralight running hydration pack. It’s well worth the investment, and I use it on the extreme biking trails or running trails I sometimes use (some runners are really serious about bikers on running trails)